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Wish Upon a Star For a Miracle ♥
I was born, went through twenty-Three years of heartaches, happiness, fun, troubles, laughter, tears, pain, love, depression ETC.. && here i am today with My beautiful daughter ♥ I'm a single mother of a three years old little princess named Leah Tran
L O V E God. Buddha. Daughter. Family. Friends. Blackberry. Tumblr. Facebook. Juicy Couture. Pictures. Memories. Interior Designs. Day Dreaming. Candles. Hipster. Converse. Victoria Secret. Megan Fox. Tatoos. Music. Cupcakes. Roses. Precious Moments. Swarovski. Hello Kitty. Mickey & Minnie Mouse. Uggs and much more..

Hello Kitty Here
I take no credits for these pictures unless watermarked so, or tagged as Personal!!~

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Anonymous: You were running threw my head all day today 03/14/13! - A person u once called ur half =) byeeeeeeeeeeeee Monkey cupcake sugar sugar lolol

sucha cutie… <3 

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